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Oberammergau Passion Play 2-night package performance dates 2022 – Dates and Payment

Please advise of preferred date when making an enquiry

The 2022 season, comprising 102 performances over 5 nights a week, runs from 14 May  to 02 October. However, we have put together packages combining a stay in Munich and a 2-night stay in the Oberammergau area with category 1 or 2 tickets. Have a look at our dates and payment deals.

Category 2      28 May 2022

Category 2       02 July 2022

Category 1       07 July 2022 – Last remaining spaces available

Category 2       03 September 2022

Deposit and Payment Schedule 

You will not be asked to make advance payments without being fully aware of the basis on which we will deal with them.

If you are looking to extend your stay and build a package around the Oberammergau Passion Play performance, additional deposits may be required closer to the time of travel for additional accommodation, travel, guides and other services, details of which will be communicated in due course.

Please note all deposits and stage payments are non–refundable. All deposits are estimated; packages and prices are subject to alteration and are not guaranteed. An allowance of £200.00 per person has been included for return flights from a UK airport to Germany. Flights subject to confirmation of schedules, pricing and availability when routes open for 2022.

The Passion Play is performed in an open theatre with covered seats; every effort will be made by suppliers to ensure that all advertised facilities are available, however, timings of the day and performance may be closed, modified, delayed or cancelled without prior notice, notably due to inclement weather conditions.


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