Greatdays Holidays

Bookings with Greatdays for the Oberammergau Passion Plays

First of all, we would like to thank you for being so patient with us as we continue to work through our outstanding bookings for the year. Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the travel industry, we currently only have a small number of staff working for the company. This means that it is taking longer than we would have liked to come back to each individual query.

We would like to thank you for responding to our recent email regarding either the transferral of your booking to a provisional date in 2022, or to request a refund.

We have all collated all of the responses across our set departures, and there were a few common questions:

1) When will I receive a refund?

For anyone who is unable or unwilling to travel in 2022, full refunds will be issued. However, as we are waiting on the refunds from Oberammergau and the other services, we are unable to put a timescale on when we will be able to process them. We do appreciate that this is a large sum of money to be without during this time, but we are unable to refund money we have not yet received. Everyone who decides to cancel will be issued with a Refund Credit Note which will confirm how much money is due back to them, and will also confirm that their money is financially protected whilst refunds are being sorted. When refunds can be issued, they will be credited back to the cards used for payment on the online booking system.

2) If I transfer to a booking in 2022 and then have to cancel, will I be entitled to a full refund?

Once we have heard from the Oberammergau organisers as to what their new terms and conditions will be, we will communicate these with you and give you the chance again to commit to the tour and consent to the new terms and conditions. Should you wish to cancel, you may cancel at that stage. Should you accept to proceed with the new terms and conditions, any cancellations will be in line with them. If you are concerned about your condition of health by 2022, we would advise you to take out travel insurance.

3) What will the new dates be for 2022?

We have contacted everyone to offer them the chance to transfer onto dates comparable to the 2020 dates at present, however these are provisional. It may be that we decide to reduce the number of set departures we are offering in 2022, so the dates may be slightly different. You will be notified of the dates when you are advised of the new terms and conditions.

4) Will the price change for 2022?

The price for the 2022 package will depend on a number of factors. The travel industry has, like many other sectors, taken an enormous hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we cannot say for certain that there won’t be an increase in the package price. At present, all packages are subject to 2022 pricing and currency rates but we will do our best to keep the pricing as close as possible to the original pricing.

5) What do I have to do now?

Nothing. We have received responses from almost everyone with regards to how they would like to proceed, and we are grateful for how quickly you have responded to us. What we’d like you to do now is give us time to process the requests and receive the relevant booking information from the Oberammergau organisers. As there are over 150 different performances with thousands of attendees per showing, it may take the organisers a while to process each company’s requests.

If you have requested a refund, please await your Refund Credit Note, which should be with you within 14 working days.

If you have requested to transfer, please await an email from us confirming the new dates and terms and conditions.


We very much appreciate your support and patience during these difficult times.

At this stage we are unable to advise a timescale for managing all the changes but rest assured we are working as quickly as we can and all changes will be dealt with in date order.  If you do need to email with us any questions, we will respond as quickly as can but we request that any follow ups are only sent if we have not replied within 2 weeks.

If you change your mind and would like to have a refund or instead would like to transfer, please feel free to send this request to

We hope you are all taking care and we look forward to working with you again once this crisis is over!